Coomassie Blue Staining of SDS-PAGE

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Cell Biology Protocols >> SDS Gel Electrophoresis and Western blotting Protocol

Purpose: for staining gels that are not used for transferring to monitor protein purification schemes, or for ensuring that no protein is left after transfer

1x Coomasie Blue Dye
Isopropylalcohol 25% 500mL
Acetic Acid 10% 200mL
R250 Coomasie Blue 0.025% 0.5g
Water 1.3L
Total 2 L

10% Acetic Acid

- stain at least 4 hours to ensure all the protein is stained
- destain long enough so that the background is clear (a piece of foam or paper towel may be added to the solution to speed up the destaining)
- can stain or destain for long periods as long as there is solution remaining in the plate
- take a picture or dry the gel to keep a record

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